International Foundation Programme for English-taught Degree Programmes

Programme Overview

The International Foundation Programme for English-taught Programme (IFP for EP) offered by China Campus Network (CCN) is designed to prepare international students to operate in a university setting by familiarizing them with the requirements for degree-level study in CCN universities.

✰ Programme Modules:

  • Spoken English Proficiency, Academic Ability, Study-in-China Motivation
  • University Interview Training (3 sessions) : Interview Guide, Interview Case Studies, Mock Interview Practice
  • Main Courses (200 academic hours) : Comprehensive Chinese, Chinese Listening & Speaking, Chinese Reading & Writing


Why This Programme

Upon successful completion of the programme, you will be awarded a certificate recognized by CCN Universities, and will be guaranteed admission to English-taught degree programs at one of CCN university with specified committed-sholarship.

✰ Guaranteed Admission:

  1. You can choose TWO universities from the English-taught Programmes offered universities (EP Universities) as your preferenced univeristy for degree, ONE of the two universities must be the university without interview requirements;

  2. CCN will guarantee your admission into ONE of the EP Universities, given you fullfill their entry requirements and evaluations and complete the IFP for EP with a grade of 'Pass'.

✰ Guaranteed Scholarship:

  1. CCN will reserve the scholarship places for you at your chosen universities in order to maximize your scholarship opportunities.

  2. CCN will follow the China Opportunity Scholarship (COS) Guarantee Policy and guarantee your COS category in ONE of EP universities, given you fullfill COS conditions as:

    • Achieves the required English language proficiency level for the guaranteed scholarship;

    • Participates in and passed the universities’ evaluation such as interviews, exams, etc;

    • Complete the IFP for EP with a grade of 'Pass';

    • Keeps attendance rate at a minimum of 90% during the IFP for EP;

    • Has not violated the IFP centre’s regulations.

✰ Arrival Services & University Placement provided



Ten Weeks (Full-time).

  • Teaching Starts: Jun, 2023
  • Teaching Ends: Aug, 2023
  • Mid Exam: Jul, 2023
  • Final Exam: Aug, 2023


Entry Requirements

PARTS IFP for EP (for Undergraduate) IFP for EP (for Postgraduate)
Qualification Acquired
• Upper Secondary Education ongoing or completion
• GPA 60% or above
• Completion of Higher Education
• GPA 60% or above
English Proficiency
• IELTS ≥ 5.5/TOEFL ≥ 70/Duolingo ≥ 95*
• IELTS ≥ 5.5/TOEFL ≥ 70/Duolingo ≥ 95*
Obligatory Subjects
• Business: Have studied and passed Mathematics during upper secondary education
• Science & Engineering: Have studied and passed Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry during upper secondary education
• Relevance between the applicant's field of study at undergraduate level and that at postgraduate level*


Application Documents

(1)CCN Application Form

(2)Passport size photo

(3)Passport Photocopy

(4)Graduation Certificate

(5)Academic Transcript

(6)English Proficiency Certificate (IELTS/TOEFL/Duolingo)

(7)Other materials if needed for application for degree-level study at CCN Universities



✰ Application Fee

  • MYR 400.00

✰ Programme Fee

  • CNY 21,600


Degree University Placement

English-taught Degree Programmes offered universities (EP Universities)

University Location Deadline for UG Deadline for PG
Tianjin Uniersity (TJU) Tianjin 2023/6/23  
Northwest Polytechnical University (NPU) Xi'an 2023/6/8 2023/5/8
South China University of Technology (SCUT) Guangzhou 2023/6/23  
Shanghai University (SHU) Shanghai 2023/6/23  
Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) Beijing 2023/6/8  
Jiangsu University (JSU) Zhenjiang 2023/6/23 2023/6/23
Zhejiang Gongshang University (ZJSU) Hangzhou 2023/6/23 2023/6/23
Xi’an Shi You University (XSYU) Xi'an 2023/7/3 2023/6/13

** The scholarship application deadline may be different from the above-mentioned admission date for self-financed students. Please consult us and apply as early as possible.


Scholarship Opportunities

The China Opportunity Scholarship (COS) is a premium scholarship scheme established by China Campus Network (CCN) Consortium Universities. It represents CCN universities commitment to selecting the best students and working with them to ensure that they attain their academic and professional goals.

CCN will issue CCN COS Conditional Offer to students who meet the required academic performance in their prerequisite studies before the programme starts, hence guarantee them COS category in ONE of CCN EP universities after completed this programme.

Category Available Scholarship Level Scholarship Content Eligibility (Academic Criteria)
Min. A2 Guaranteed Group
100% Tuition Fee+Accommodation+Living Allowance or equivalent
GPA 85% or above; 
IELTS ≥ 6.5/TOEFL ≥ 90/Duolingo ≥ 120*
100% Tuition Fee+Accommodation / Living Allowance or equivalent
100% Tuition Fee or equivalent
100% Tuition Fee or equivalent
Min. A3 Guaranteed Group
100% Tuition Fee or equivalent
GPA 80% or above; 
IELTS ≥ 6/TOEFL ≥ 80/Duolingo ≥ 105
100% Tuition Fee or equivalent
50% Tuition Fee or equivalent


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